Ethernet / Serial To Ethernet Module / EM500 (MiniMo Family)

The EM500 is a miniature stand-alone BASIC-programmable embedded module, designed to be used in combination with a standard LED/magnetics RJ45 jack. The combined footprint of the EM500 and a standard jack is only 28.5x18.5mm.

The module's hardware mix, which includes 10/100BaseT Ethernet, a serial port, and 8 I/O lines, has been carefully tailored to address the basic needs of lightweight network-enabled control devices.

Compact dimensions, space-saving "vertical slice" mechanical design, low power consumption, and innovative dual-function LED control lines make the module an excellent fit for miniature, cost-sensitive designs.

The EM500 also supports Wi-Fi communications (using the GA1000 add-on board), as well as flash disk (via an SPI flash IC).

The EM500 can be ordered standalone or in combination with an industry-standard RJ45 jack and/or all discrete components required to complete the circuit.Specifications:

    * Based on a second-generation ASIC (T2000).
    * 10/100BaseT auto-MDIX Ethernet port (no magnetics).
    * One serial port (CMOS-level):
          - Baudrates of up to 460800bps;
          - None/even/odd/mark/space parity modes;
          - 7/8 bits/character modes;
          - Full-duplex mode with optional flow control;
          - Half-duplex mode with direction control;
          - Encoding and decoding of Wiegand and clock/data streams.
    * 512KB flash memory for firmware and application.
    * 200 bytes of EEPROM space for data storage.
    * 8 general-purpose I/O lines (including 2 interrupt lines).
    * Control lines for two external dual-function status LEDs.
    * Additional control line for a dedicated Ethernet link LED.
    * External reset source required.
    * Power: 260mA @ 3.3V (100BaseT mode).
    * "Vertical slice" construction; dimensions: 18.5x16.0x6.5mm.
    * Firmware is upgradeable through the serial port or network (including "cold upgrade" firmware uploads through the network).
    * Optional Wi-Fi interface (requires GA1000 add-on module).
    * Optional Flash disk (requires an external SPI flash IC).

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