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he expansion board is compatible with all Pycom Boards including WiPy, LoPy, SiPy, FiPy and GPy.

Important Note: You must choose this expansion board if you are using a WiPy 1.0


  • USB and LiPo battery powered
  • FT234XD USB to serial converter
  • LiPo battery charger (BQ24040), with options for two different charging currents (100mA and 450mA)
  • TPS2115A with reverse voltage protection
  • MicroSD card slot
  • Three female headers to easily plug in the WiPy 1.0, WiPy 2.0, LoPy or SiPy.
  • JST style battery connector
  • Power LED and charge status LED
  • One user LED and one user switch
  • Battery voltage monitoring via the WiPy ADC
  • Lots of jumpers to enable/disable features

NOTE: Discontinued as of December 2016

Size: 65 x 50 x 11mm


– 23g

– 49g (Packaged)

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