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Product Description

The GS2200M series is a fully integrated Wi-Fi module with

an extremely small footprint that provides an easy, costeffective

way for manufacturers to add Wi-Fi connectivity

to their products. Module comes with optional integrated

chip antenna or UFL connector. Intended for a variety of

size-constrained applications, the ~250 sq. mm comes

with optional on-board chip antenna or U.FL connector,

4MB FLASH, industry- leading SRAM resources, a high

bit-rate 16-bit sigma-delta ADC, 12- bit ADC, and 19 GPIO

supporting most interfaces.

This module provides a low-cost, high-speed serial to

Wi-Fi connection to an embedded design built on an

8/16/32-bit microcontroller, through UART, SPI, or SDIO


Key Benefits

• Extremely compact for size-constrained applications

• Adds low power, high speed Wi-Fi and Internet

connectivity to any device with a microcontroller and

serial host interface or as the standalone application


• Certified module reduces development time, testing and

certification, accelerating time to market

• Easy smartphone provisioning with Limited AP or Wi-Fi

Protected Set-up (WPS)

• Ultra-low power through dynamic power management

modes and optional off module DC to DC components

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