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Product Description

BlueMod+SR is a Bluetooth solution for cable replacement

applications and smartphone connectivity.

Regardless of whether the application requires high

throughput or low energy consumption, BlueMod+SR

offers the best of both worlds. The module offers NFC

handover as an additional feature. NFC handover enables

easy Bluetooth pairing for Bluetooth classic and

Bluetooth low energy. Searching for Bluetooth devices

over the air is no longer required.


The module has a very small form factor dual mode

Bluetooth 4.0 module (17x10x2.6 mm). Range in line of

sight is about 100m.

Dual mode means it supports classic Bluetooth basic

rate (BR) and enhanced data rate (EDR) operations as

well as Bluetooth low energy (LE). Integration is easy

and cost-effective thus reducing time to market and

overall development cost of new products.


Key Benefits

• Bluetooth v4.0 dual mode compliant

• Master and slave mode support

• Simultanous BR/EDR and BLE connectivity

• Integrated antenna or external antenna

• NFC Support: Read and write of data to a dynamic NFC tag

• Pin to pin compatible with



• UART: 9600 bps – 921600 bps (asynchronous)

• Other interfaces: I²C, SPI

• GPIOs: 11


NFC Handover

BlueMod+SR is able to read and write its Bluetooth

address to a dynamic NFC tag which can be used for

Bluetooth pairing. The NFC tag is connected to the

BlueMod+SR via the I²C interface. The field detection

function on the tag can be used to wake up the

BlueMod+SR from standby and to initiate the Bluetooth


Telit provides an NFC Utility App for Android devices

for evaluating the NFC handover feature. The app can

declare two intent filters for the NDEF data on the NFC

tag, One for BR/EDR and one for Bluetooth low energy


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