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HM-TRLR-S series is a low cost, high performance transparent

transceiver with operating at 433/470/868/915MHz. It is LoRa/FSK/

GFSK/OOK modulation variety. It features small size, high output power,

high sensitivity, long transmission distance and most of the parameters can

be set via the command. Receive and send data to automatically switch.

U s e generic UART interface. It is easy to realize the wireless data

transmission with only providing the UART data. It is flexible for the users

to set the UART baud rate, output power, data rate, frequency select,

modulation mode select etc parameters. It is your ideal choice for

designing wireless data transmission products which can be widely used

on wireless data transmission field. 


2. Features

* Low cost, high performance , high reliability

* LoRa/FSK/GFSK/OOK modulation, 2-way half –duplex communication, strong anti-interfere

* 433/470/868/915MHz ISM band,globally license free.

*Maximal output power100mW(20dBm),output power adjustable between 2-20dBm

* LORA Sensitivity -139dBm

* Supply current for Tx 130mA@20dBm, 35mA@13dBm

* Supply current for Rx 16mA

* Low current sleep mode 2uA

* Standard UART interface, extendable to RS232 or other interface

* Operation frequency can be configured, acceptable for several modules working in different frequency

with no disturbance on each other.

* RF parameters as needed, users can be modulated by software.

* Easily use, auto exchange on communication & transceiver

* Communication speed 1.2kbps -115.2kbps,can be modulated through software

* Afford Sleep control signal,user self control work duty cycle

* With LED indication

* Longer transmission distance,over 5Km in open air

* Small size 16*20*2mm, 10PIN SMD package,easy for assembly .

* Tuning free

* Accord FCC,ETSI standard 


3. Application

* Remote control, remote measurement z Wireless meter

* Access control z Identification system

* Data collection z IT household appliance

* Intelligence household appliance z Baby monitoring system

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