Bob Cards / tGPS Micro BoB

" tGPS BoB " is a formative with a microBUS structure. It is an effective and easy solution for adding GPS functionality to your design. It features the Telit SL871  module, a SMA connector for a GPS antenna also it has two LEDs for PPS and PWR. tGPS BoB can be interfaced with the target board microcontroller via microBUS UART ( Rx, Tx),  lines. It has a LED diode in order to  power indicator. It can function on 3.3 V power supply  only.


Features :

*GNSS (GPS, Glonass, Galileo, QZSS, Compass)

*Standards: NMEA

*Chipset: Mediatek MT3333 core

*Acquisition Chanels: 48

*Positionnal Accuracy: 3 m


        Acquisition: -148dBm, Navigation: -163dBm,     

        Tracking: -165dBm


        Low power Tracking: 0.4 mA 

        Full power Tracking: 22 mA ( GPS+GLO )

  Full power Acquisition: 24 mA ( GPS+GLO )

*Compliant with GPS and GLONASS Standards 

*Header Form Factor 

*PCB Dimensions: 43 x 25.1      

*PPS (Red) -  Power(Green) LEDs


Applications :


*Vehicle Tracking

*Personal Tracking

*Pet Tracking

*Asset Tracking

*Road Navigation Devices


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