Wireless / Bluetooth Modules / BTM-840B

This is a Single-mode Bluetooth 4.1 Low energy module. It is based on CSR1010 chipset which can provide ultra low-power connectivity and basic data transfer for application previously limited by the power consumptions of other wireless standards. With qualified Bluetooth v4.1 stack on board, it can support various kinds of applications such as remote control, gaming, wireless keyboard/mouse, medical sensor, sports, proximity tag,…............and so on.


*Bluetooth standard V4.1 conformity.

*CSR1010 chipset.

*Programmable general purpose PIO controller.

*Wide supply voltage range 1.8 to 3.6V.

*I2C for EEPROM and ICs peripherals.

*-90dBm Bluetooth low energy RX sensitivity.

*12 digital PIOs.

*3 analogue AIOs.

*4 PWM modules.

*Wake-up interrupt and Watchdog timer.

*RoHS Compliant.

*Small outline. 11 x 11 x 2.0 mm.



*Sports and fitness



*Home entertainment

*Office and mobile accessories

*Low rate data communications

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