Ethernet / Serial To Ethernet Module / WIZ550S2E


WIZ550S2E is the serial to Ethernet module using W5500 & Cortex-M0 MCU.  WIZ550SE is the protocol converter that transmits the data sent by serial equipment as TCP/IP data type, and converts back the TCP/IP data received through the network into serial data to transmit back to the equipment.


If you use the interface board for RS232 and RS422-485, you can easily connect the module to any serial device.


*Serial to Ethernet Module based on W5500 & Cortex-M0

*RJ-45 mounted, Pin-header type module

*Serial signals : TXD, RXD, RTS, CTS, GND

*Support the configuration method of AT command & Configuration tool program

*Configuration tool program operates on Windows, Linux & MAC OS

*Support data communication using AT command : able to send data without re-configuring and re-boot of the module when changing the destination IP

*Support the interface board for RS-232 and RS422/485

*10/100Mbps Ethernet & Max.230kbps serial speed

*Support WIZ VSP (Virtual Serial Port) program

Hardware Specification

*Dmension (mm) : 55(L) x 30 (W) x 23.49 (H)

*Input Voltage : 3.3V

*Max. Power Consumption : 179mA @ RS422 mode

*Operation Temperature : -40~ 85℃

*RoHS, SVHC Compliant

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