RF / Telit RF / ME50-169

The Telit ME50-169 is a wireless M-Bus module compliant with the EN13757: part 4 Wireless M-Bus standard. It is ideally suited for use in one or two-way data links with gas, water, heat and electricity meters and concentrators.

The ME50-169 operates in the 169 MHz band and runs Wireless M-Bus N modes, defined by EN13757-4: 2013 for this band, on Tx power of up to 35mW.


*Telit-developed Wireless M-Bus stacks

*Very low power consumption

*Custom development and integration

*Pre-certified RF modules, LGA xE Form Factor, TTL RS232 interface

*Excellent RX sensitivity

*Download Over The Air (DOTA)

*Industrial temperature range


Key Benefits

*W M-Bus modes by Telit, leave integrators to work on applications

*Wide area coverage

*The low-power, programmable ATX Mega can be used as platform for metering and in-home display

*Very low consumption for battery powered applications

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