The GL865-DUAL V3 is the new generation module in GL865 family. It ensures backwards-compatibility with the popular and widely adopted GL865-DUAL, but it is based on the latest Intel 2G chipset, protecting our customers' design investments with a long-term availability solution.It is highly recommended for new designs requiring 2G coverage in a sleek and robust QFN package, which implies easy integration and low impact on final application costs. Ease of production and small foot print makes it the ideal solution for applications in security alarms, automated meter reading, and pos terminals.The new GL865-DUAL V3 minimizes power consumption, becoming even more ideally suited for battery powered and wearable device applications.The GL865-DUAL V3 can be easily bundle-designed with Telit's GPS or GPS/GLONASS receivers for applications requiring location awareness such as fleet management and track-and-tracing; with the aid of available reference designs and global technical integration support from Telit.The GL865-DUAL V3 makes it possible to run the customer's application inside the module by means its embedded Python Script Interpreter, thus making it a complete SMT platform for m2m solutions.All Telit modules, support Over-the-Air firmware update by means Premium FOTA Management. By embedding Red Bend Software vRapid Mobile® agent, a proven and battle-tested technology powering hundreds of millions of cellular handsets world-wide Telit is able to update its products by transmitting only a delta file, which represents the difference between one firmware version and another.As a part of Telit’s corporate policy of environmental protection, all products comply to the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) directive of the European Union (EU Directive 2002/95/EG).

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