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Telit NE50-868 RF modules are based on Mesh network concept in the license-free 868 MHz ISM band. With adjustable output power from 5 mW to 25 mW NE50-868 modules can reach up to 1500 m in LOS.

Advanced proprietary embedded low power mesh stack allows efficient power management on both end nodes and routers, network latency defined on the system requirements by setting different synchronous network time, data rate or message format, connecting up to 100 end nodes per router in a cluster tree architecture that enables scalability.

Low power mesh stack is designed for battery powered sensor networks that can be built automatically making it easily to integrated, thus reducing development time and cost for applications in building automation, metering (water, gas, electric), irrigation, tracking, lightning and access control. Telit NE50-868 is pin to pin compatible with ZE Family (Zigbee), ME Family (Wireless M-Bus) and LE Family (Telit Star Network).

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