RF / Telit RF / LE50-868

Telit LE modules family are the latest generation of multi-band multi-channel radio
module with advanced proprietary embedded stack easy to integrate and use in point-to-point or star network communication.

LE50 modules operate in 433 MHz and 868 MHz band with ultra-low power stand by mode, efficient wake up on radio and budget link of 123 dB (119 dB for 433 MHz frequency in EU).

Available in LGA format, these pre-certified RF modules provide TTL RS232 interface, integrated digital and analog I/Os and can be integrated into a system, thus reducing development time and cost for applications in building automation, irrigation, tracking, lightning and access control.

LE modules family is also pin-to-pin compatible with Telit ZE Family (ZigBee 2007 and PRO stack), NE Family (Mesh low power) and ME Family (Wireless M-Bus).

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