LTE Elektronik Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi
Mustafa Kemal Mah. 2131.Sk. No:32/2 06510 Cankaya - Ankara TURKIYE
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About Us

LTE Electronik was founded in Ankara which covers an important part of electrical and electronic industry in Turkey. We serves to all Electronic producers and design centers with our professional team with their 15 years background in market.

We are specialized at GSM/GPRS/UMTS/LTE Cellular, GNSS, RF, WI-FI, Bluetooth Technologies based applications; so we sells modules, our produced terminal solutions, special design request solutions and full design supports to our customers who will design, develop and manufacture mobile tracking technologies, telematics products and M2M solutions at the Turkey and Middle-east market.

Also with our R&D labaratory, we give value-added services to customers to provide them integration to the Market fastly with their products.

Customer Design Support

  • Gives you technical support with a team regarding all questions coming up during integration / mass production etc.
  • Helps with reviews of the Schematics & PCBs to enable you to develop your application fast and to enter your products into market without delays,
  • Gives you design suggestions for peripherals of your M2M applications,
  • Gives you best antenna suggestions which is suitable to your applications,
  • Testing and modifying your on-board PCB Trace antennas to provide you getting better performance,
  • Solving your design faults with you and recommending fast solutions at modifications,
  • Gives you prototype BGA/LGA package assembling/disassembling service.

BOM List Supply Service

LTE Electronic aims to provide maximum value for customers by offering optimal solutions for electronic applications from a carefully selected range of competitive, high technology suppliers.

  • Gives you advice in finding the suitable products,
  • Supplies samples within short time
  • Quotes to you for volume quantities for the serial production with best competitive price,
  • Quotes to you for with best competitive price,
  • Offers necessary accessory parts - especially for the integration phase,


LTE Electronic supplies the products about the following Technology areas:

  • Embedded Systems & Displays
    • LCD Modules,
    • Character & Dot Matrix Displays,
    • TFT & Chip on Glass Displays,
    • Touchs creens, Industrial Touch screen Monitors,
    • Embedded Computing Technology.
  • Antenna
    • GSM, GPS and WIFI Antennas,
    • Combination (Combo) Antennas,
  • High Technology Communication Cellular Modules
    • GSM, GPRS, UMTS, LTE Modules,
    • GPS/GNSS Modules,
    • Smart Terminals.
  • Short Range Technology Modules
    • WI-FI Modules,
    • Bluetooth Modules,
    • ZigBee Modules,
    • RF Modules,
    • RF-ID solutions.
  • LED Illumination
    • High-Power / High-Brightness LED,
    • LED Modules,
    • Custom Specific LED Modules,
    • Flexible LED-Stripes / Architectural LED Lamps,
    • Connectors for High Power LED Applications,
    • LED Drivers.
  • Power Supply & Batteries
    • Micro batteries & Battery Solutions,
    • DC-DC-Converters and Switching Regulators.
  • Passive & Timing Components
    • Capacitors, Non-linear Resistors, Inductors, Surge Arresters, Active Sensors, Pressure Sensors & Ferrites,
    • Mains Transformers,
    • Crystals, Oscillators & RTCs.
  • Connectivity & Switching
    • Connectors, Switches, Relays,
    • Terminal Blocks,
    • Cooling Solutions,
    • Automotive, Telecom,
    • Entertainment & Industrial Connectors,
    • Indicators & Industrial Keyboards.
  • Internet
    • Internet ready MCU,
    • TCP/IP based Chip,
    • Network Modules,
    • Serial to Ethernet Modules,
    • Wireless LAN Modules.
  • Camera & Sensor
    • Digital Video Recorders,
    • UART Cameras,
    • Camera Modules,
    • Sensor Modules,
    • TFT&OSD Modules,
    • Voice Modules,
    • PIR Sensors.
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